Debates With Sam Harris : Sam Harris

Debates With Sam Harris : Sam Harris


viaDebates With Sam Harris : Sam Harris.

viaDebates With Sam Harris : Sam Harris.


2 thoughts on “Debates With Sam Harris : Sam Harris

  1. Harriss pellucidly trumps Craig. God would have to see the consequences of good and evil on sentient beings and the environment just as we do! So, we don’t need Him to tell us what is right and wrong and we don;t need Him to enforce morality, which enforcement would not ground morality as he so prattles!
    God could not make up morality as the Euthyphro settles the matter, settled eons ago!
    Craig is such a cry-baby in needing that enforcement and needing Him for his having a purpose! He views himself as pottery and Him as that potter that Paul alleges exists.
    What a blasphemy of humanity!
    Yes, it is quite appropriate to name-call Craig as a supercilious scholar; this is no ad hominem as I do encourage others to ponder his books and debates, so as to see that his arguments are indeed supercilious and wrong, not to forestall people from reading his book.

  2. Reblogged this on Moral Arguments for God and commented:

    Craig should start trying to understand naturalism and humanism instead of composing straw men abot both and to aavoid his misunderstanding. He needs to take onff his theoogical blinders to
    He prefers prarattlig about hisunderstand both.

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