On the Five Ways

On the Five Ways.

viaOn the Five Ways.


2 thoughts on “On the Five Ways

  1. Thomas Aquinas and Edward Feser ever fail with these ways,even as suggestions!
    We free thinkers prefer modern science to Aristotelian science and to his assumptions.
    We prefer inquiring how do the eternal fluctuations make for the Polyverse, which need no God the Sustainer nor God the Creator, neither as the god of the scientific gaps nor of the explanatory one, He explans no more than demons and gremlins do, and no, He cannot act as that Primary Cause, because He’s depend on the inherent chaos, order,regularity and natural laws to be the secondary cause!
    Lacking divine intent, He cannot act, and lacking a mind,He cannot think.

    How then would have a relationship with that circle that theologians never will square?

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