Lord Griggs

We determinists find that we can choose on the basis of our character, the sum of our desires due to nature and to nurture. We have causes that help us choose rather than some soul that willy-nilly acts. Psychology finds no soul. That term is no more useful than demons in explaining our behavior. Souls and demons are a relic of the past when the superstition of supernatualism ruled.

                     Determinism, therefore, disinguishes itself from fatalism that we cannot alter our situaltion: events will happen no matter what we do. No, we can choose amongst alternatives that can indeed alter our situation.

                     Nature and nurture aren’t fixed as fatalism would imply but rather change as we live. My taking Celexa has caused my nature to be freer to act as I want rather than be tied to paranoia and terminal shyness. I learn from trial and error and from others such that…

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